Simplify your employee relocation

Our agents use tech and local expertise to set-up your employees before they arrive, so they can focus on what matters most.

Relomigo gets it done for you

We take care of the entire relocation process so that both you and your employee can focus on what matters most
Increase productivity

We set up your employee's home and lifestyle before they arrive so they focus less on relocating and more on their job.

Avoid turnover

Avoid negative experiences or dissatisfaction in the relocation process so that you don't lose a talented employee.

Better insights

Track the progress of the relocation and obtain better understanding of what your employees are going through.

Our Services


We set up your employee before they arrive

Taking into account your employee's family profile and their lifestyle, we help them find a home, get set-up with health professionals and find the desired schools for their children. If moving services are needed, we work with vetted vendors to ensure a timely and stress-free experience.

Documentation assistance

We remove the work from paperwork

We'll help your employee with their banking needs, from setting up an account to booking an appointment with a financial professional. We also assist setting their SIN number, driver license, health card and other relevant government documentations.


We ensure a smooth arrival and support with settling in

We offer airport pick-up and city tours to ensure that your employee gets properly settled in once they arrive. We also offer personalized concierge services that include anything ranging from assisting with dry cleaning and helping with furniture shopping.

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Loved by 150+ clients from over 20+ countries

We loved using Relomigo. We had hired an employee from abroad and Relomigo took care of all the details of having them move to our city and getting settled with their significant other. This meant that we could focus on the business knowing that our new hire was taken care of and productive from the start.”
Aydin Mirzaee

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